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Boost your retail sales revenue with 50+ years of combined experience in retail marketing services.

Our retail marketing solutions are designed to improve your customer loyalty, retention and acquisition initiatives. We take a synergistic approach to help you with:

    • Strategy for all aspects of your CRM and loyalty efforts
    • Consulting on retail marketing technology solutions that integrate with your preferred CRM system
    • Implementation to help bolster and support your existing retail marketing team
    • Data, analytics and research to identify new upsell and cross-sell opportunities, measure growth and refine your marketing approach

You get comprehensive retail marketing services under one roof, providing maximum efficiency as we help boost your revenue and enhance your retail and loyalty marketing programs. Contact us for a free consultation to see if our retail marketing services are a good fit for you.

Consulting | Analytics | Implementation

It really has been wonderful working with you and the CCG team. I strongly believe that together we’ve already made great strides in our retention program.

Steven Bellach
Chief Marketing Officer, read more

Strategy Development

 Retail Marketing Service: Strategic Customer Initiatives

Our 50+ combined years of retail loyalty experience allows us to provide strategic retail marketing solutions that combine tried-and-true process with the latest technology and practices. We employ the latest in statistical techniques to maximize customer reach and return on investment.

For example, our Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization™ model quantifies the reach and desirability of existing and potential program benefits, using multivariate and Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF). With it, we can help you define the optimal mix of benefits for each of your key audiences, while factoring in ROI, operational efficiency, support of brand drivers, and aspirational impact for non-members and lower tiers.

Our goal: To build an innovative and custom-designed program roadmap that meets your goals.

Our Loyalty Program Effectiveness Appraisal provides an abbreviated version of this analysis if you are primarily interested in measuring loyalty program success and obtaining unbiased insights on some key metrics.

Strategic Customer Initiatives Services

Customer Data, Analytics & Research

Retail Marketing Service: Customer Data, Analytics & Research

Our team of data analysts and marketing strategists leverages advanced statistical techniques, proprietary models, primary and third-party research, and your own existing research. We combine transactional, online, offline, survey and third-party data. And then we help you cut through big data clutter and get to the heart of customer behavior, motivation and attitudes — delivering quantifiable, actionable insights and recommendations.

With our customer-focused approach to retail marketing solutions, we can help with everything from defining innovative ways of predicting customer behavior, to identifying testing recommendations that drive KPIs, to pinpointing new, actionable insights in your customer data.

Our goal is to provide support based on your needs and minimize the impact on your internal resources — whether that means working as an extension of your internal team or providing a full-service approach. And we can provide ongoing support in measuring and evaluating your marketing activity.

Customer Data, Analytics & Research Services

  • Database analysis & mining
  • Modeling, including predictive, look-alike & regressive modeling (e.g., decision trees)
  • Customer scoring
  • Marketing & email performance analysis
  • Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization
  • Loyalty Program Effectiveness Appraisal
  • Qualitative & quantitative customer research
  • Email reporting, industry benchmarking & KPI benchmarking
  • Testing design & analysis
  • Segmentation & cluster analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Data sources
    • County recorder data
    • Estimated home value data
    • Pre-mover data
    • Demographic data
Technology Sourcing & Implementation

Retail Marketing Service: Technology Sourcing & Implementation Support

With extensive hands-on experience with multiple CRM platforms and digital marketing automation systems, CCG is perfectly positioned to assist your team with solution search and implementation. We have the muscle to manage all the heavy lifting in identifying the most appropriate vendors and systems for your unique needs. Our retail marketing services also include providing experts who can step in to support your team with implementation steps, such as documenting requirements and process, and assisting with blueprinting, functional requirements and creating use cases.

Technology Sourcing & Implementation Support Services

  • RFI/RFP process management
  • Requirements documentation
  • Process documentation
  • Functional requirements support
  • Implementation support
  • Use case support
Targeted Multi-Channel Communications

Retail Marketing Service: Integrated Creative, Digital and Implementation Services

When you throw strategically sound creative in a ring with results-focused production and interaction-driven media, exciting retail marketing solutions begin to emerge.

  • Our custom content is tailored to your customers’ interests and strategically designed to meet your customer-engagement objectives.
  • Our digital and print designers develop leading creative that complements and enhances your corporate image, while capturing your customers’ attention and getting your message across loud and clear.
  • Our talented team of designers and production specialists work with multiple email marketing platforms, including Oracle’s Responsys, Epsilon Harmony and Salesforce marketing cloud (formerly ExactTarget).
  • Our coders are experts in mobile-first responsive design, customization, segmentation, the use of dynamic and variable content, and adhering to ADA compliance.

Together, our team creates and delivers a package that tells your customers you understand them — and that impels your customers to respond.

Plus, our FasTrackSM plan provides a streamlined implementation process for your customer-engagement programs — to help accelerate your investment-to-value.

Content & Creative Services

  • Marketing campaign conception
  • Content development
  • Visual content
  • Design
  • Direct mail & other print assets
  • Email, web, social media
  • Digital & interactive
  • Web page hosting
  • Print production & fulfillment
  • Loyalty program communications audit, planning, design & execution

Digital & Email Services

  • Information architecture and wire framing
  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Email deployment using Oracle’s Responsys, Epsilon Harmony and Salesforce marketing cloud (formerly ExactTarget) platforms
  • Strategic use of customization, segmentation, and dynamic and variable content for targeted and personalized messaging
  • Social media
  • Experience design, including ADA compliance
  • User interface design
  • Website development and management
  • Video
  • Interactive media

Retail Marketing Resources

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