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Are you a retail brand that customers can’t live without?

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See if you’re leveraging the factors that make consumers choose one retailer over another — and stick with them. Plus, learn other brand loyalty statistics based on primary consumer shopping personalities.

Customer loyalty is holding steady and even showing a slight uptick in 2023. But you can’t count on consumers being loyal to your particular brand — you still need to understand what drives that loyalty. In the latest edition of our annual Retail Customer Brand Loyalty Study, we share key customer retention statistics and other important insights to inform and guide your organization’s loyalty initiatives, including:

  • Which retailers are winning at loyalty today — and why
  • The impact of current economic uncertainties on consumer shopping and spending behavior
  • Year-over-year customer loyalty statistic comparisons
  • How the factors that create and maintain brand loyalty have changed since last year
  • How demographics affect customer loyalty drivers in 2022
  • 3 consumer shopping personalities that impact your stores every day
2023 Stats on Customer Loyalty
2023 Lasting Effect Shopping

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