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Work with retail marketing consultants whose singular focus is building your customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Since 1977, we’ve pioneered the field of retail customer relationship and retail marketing services through the execution of dozens of innovative and effective loyalty and CRM initiatives for retailers across North America. We help you:

  • Develop a loyalty marketing plan with our team of experienced strategists, analysts and creatives
  • Launch a quantifiable, actionable loyalty marketing plan customized to your brand’s needs
  • Manage the loyalty marketing program from start to finish, with minimal onboarding or effort on your part

No matter where you are on your journey, each retail marketing consultant on our team is ready to help you improve your customer retention and revenue. Contact us for a free consultation.

Knowing that you want to develop a loyalty program and knowing what will work are two different things. CCG took some of the risk out of the equation. They helped us develop an innovative program that increases sales and profitability for both the credit and merchandise groups of The Bon-Ton.

John Gleason
VP Marketing, The Bon-Ton read more

Our retail marketing consultants offer you …

Full-service CRM and loyalty strategy and program management, with integrated, end-to-end services focused on turning data into insights and insights into action.

Versatile staffing to provide added bench strength wherever you need retail marketing consulting expertise, from a fresh eye on program strategy, to business case development, to analytics and technology search.

Flexible partnerships, with the ability to work with our retail marketing consultants on a per-project basis or provide ongoing program management, analytics and/or strategic support.


Retail Marketing Consultants with Diverse Experience

Format, channel, product — you name it, chances are we have experience with it.

Industry Challenges & Solutions

Are you taking the first steps on your CRM journey? Or are you years along the path, looking for ways to optimize your loyalty program or find new solutions to the challenges that invariably pop up along the way? Wherever you are, and whatever you’ve defined as your destination, our team of retail customer-engagement experts is ready to help.

Your challenge: “We have a good program, but want to make sure we’re not missing any opportunities to make it better.”

How we can help: CCG’s Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization™ approach utilizes a variety of advanced statistical methods to derive the best customer loyalty program based on optimal benefits from a customer’s perspective and yours. Our proprietary models help us determine the best program offering for each of your key segments based on reach and financial impact — often uncovering millions of dollars of sales and profit potential.

Success stories: National Women’s Fashion Retailer: Benefits Optimization Boosts Customer Engagement, Petco: Stimulating and Rewarding Best Customers

Your challenge: “Our CRM and/or loyalty effort has not kept up with the changing times.”

How we can help: Let us assess your CRM program in context of the current environment and determine how to refresh and optimize it to support your business objectives and customer segments. We can then assist in implementing and relaunching the program for minimal internal impact. We’ve already done this for many of retail’s top CRM and loyalty programs.

Success stories: Talbots: The Journey to Re-launch Classic Awards, Middle-Market Department Store: CRM Program Yields 295% ROI, Pier 1 Imports: Destination Revitalization

Your challenge: “We want to take our customer analytics and insight efforts to the next level.”

How we can help: First, we assess your current position and identify any gaps, and determine how to bridge them to take you to the next level. We leverage our years of retail CRM experience and industry best practices to assist with nearly every facet of customer analytics, from scoring, reporting and modeling, to segmentation and testing, to strategy and staffing support. Our recommendations are always actionable and always work to target the strongest ROI possible for you.

Success stories: Great Indoors: Defining Trigger Events to Drive Direct MailProflowers: Enhancing Lifetime Value, Rainbow Rewards: Data Meets Creative to Score Loyalty Points

Your challenge: “Our new CEO (or CFO) is pushing us to prove our customer loyalty program is working.”

How we can help: CCG’s extensive retail marketing experience gives us a unique view into key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarks. So we can objectively evaluate and monitor your program. Our Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization approach gives you a clear picture of how well your program is working or what levers need to be adjusted for optimal performance. And our Loyalty Program Effectiveness Appraisal provides an unbiased tool for tracking your program’s key performance metrics year over year, or after major program revisions. Plus, we can recommend ways to gather supplemental data so you can further refine your view of results.

Success stories: Payless ShoeSource®: Delivering the Case for CRM, Discount Retailer: Is your loyalty program working? Providing proof.

Your challenge: “Our email open rates keep declining.”

How we can help: Our team can analyze your email performance in detail to help identify problem areas and make recommendations for improvement. We take into consideration all aspects of your email program, including your customers and their unique journeys, as well as layout and design, content, frequency, data, reputation management, deployment platform and other mechanical, technical and creative elements.

Success stories: Financial Services Company: Email Trigger Program Boosts Engagement, Sales

Your challenge: “We want to implement CRM technology and need help during the process.”

How we can help: CCG can provide you with an objective view of available options, from defining your requirements and identifying obstacles to issuing and scoring RFPs, to finding the right technology to support your business goals. We are not a solutions seller. And, if you’ve identified a CRM technology solution, but need bench strength during implementation, our experienced staff can work with your internal groups to help ensure a successful launch. We have extensive hands-on experience with a variety of retail marketing technologies, ranging from enterprise CRM platforms and digital marketing automation solutions, to ESPs and analytics programs. Specific solutions include: IBM Omni-Channel Marketing, Infor, SAP CRM, SFMC, Responsys, TIBCO® Rewards and Teradata. We can also work with your legacy system and serve as loyalty/CRM subject matter experts to help your IT department develop and stand up an in-house system.

Success stories: Ulta: Loyalty and IT Experts Team Up for a Solution Search — and More, West Coast Grocer: Loyalty Program Meets Enhanced Technology Solution

Your challenge: “We've had turnover in our department.” Or, “We're ramping up a new area of expertise and need to outsource for assistance.”

How we can help: CCG can provide cost-effective interim staffing to support your in-house resources. We can offer assistance in the form of retail marketing analysts, statisticians, email deployment specialists, program managers, content specialists, IT solutions search/implementation personnel and more. We can also help develop processes and work flows to ensure quality assurance steps at every stage.

Success stories: National Footwear Retailer: Filling a Gap in the Loyalty Staff Line-up

Your challenge: “We want to become more customer-centric, but don't know where to start.”

How we can help: We understand this part of the journey and know how to quickly get your customer loyalty program going. With 40+ years of retail marketing consulting experience, we’ve helped numerous retailers build customer-engagement strategies from the ground up. Our FasTrack process is an established, proven method that lets us quickly understand your unique challenges and opportunities so we can create an actionable road map that steers you around the potholes on the road to success. We can also help you navigate that road with support during program implementation.

Success stories: Payless ShoeSource®: Delivering the Case for CRM, Macy’s: Breaking Ground With the President’s Club

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Interactive Loyalty Assessment Tool

Spend just five minutes with our interactive online tool, and we’ll identify the strengths and opportunities in your customer loyalty program, show how yours stacks up against the competition and share tips for improvement.

Retail Marketing Case Studies

We gauge our success by our clients’ success. Come judge for yourself with these examples of challenges overcome, objectives achieved, problems solved and best practices come to life.

Filling a gap in the loyalty staff line-up.

Is your loyalty program working?

Loyalty program meets enhanced technology solution.

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From video and infographics to interactive emails and animated charts, visual content in all its forms can make your marketing more appealing and more effective than ever.

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