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A financial services company offers its credit card as a financing option at more than 140,000 healthcare providers. The card works much like a regular credit card, but with two distinct differences: It can only be used for services at participating providers, and cardholders can get No Interest Financing every time they use the card.

Research showed that cardholders had a positive view of the card. However, of the 8 million-plus cardholders, half were considered inactive without a balance on the card. Further research showed that cardholders were not using their cards because they:

  • Didn’t understand the card can be used for a wide variety of services — not just the type initially financed — and that it can be used for any family member.
  • Were not aware they can receive No Interest Financing every time.
  • Were not aware that the card is a revolving line of credit that can be used repeatedly at different providers, with no need to reapply.

Objectives & Strategy

Ongoing communication is a key component in any successful relationship. That’s why CCG recommended that the financial services company develop an e-communication program that would build customer awareness, demonstrate the product’s value, address the issues above and ultimately, move inactive cardholders to active users, helping the company gain more share-of-patient-financing dollars.

The resulting e-newsletter created by CCG, titled CareCheckup, combines consistent, key messaging about the financial services credit card benefits and features, with value added articles that relate to the areas served by the credit card.  By providing cardholders with interesting articles and information they can use, CareCheckup is designed to not only enhance cardholder relations and boost lifetime usage of the card, but also help drive repeat transactions.

Specifically, the guiding program objectives were:

  • Establish the financial services company as a trusted information resource.
  • Encourage repeat usage and cross-usage between markets.
  • Increase cardholder knowledge of services covered.
  • Validate a cardholder’s decision to select the card as the best choice for financing.
  • Drive the brand to every cardholder top of mind.
  • Generate word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Encourage two-way dialogue and interactivity, as well as visits to the cardholder Web site.
  • Allow the financial services company to invest less than with acquisition marketing.

Program Results

With CareCheckup’s help, the financial services company has increased cardholder awareness and loyalty, met its investment-saving goals, generated referrals and gained share-of-patient-financing dollars.

Specifically, a recent study of cardholders who remembered receiving the newsletter showed that:

  • 96% found the information useful
  • 88% visited the cardholder Web site
  • 66% opened the e-mail and clicked through to read one or more articles
  • 65% saved the newsletter in their inbox to read at a later date and/or forwarded a copy to friends and family members

The survey also showed that CareCheckup has influenced cardholders to seek care for themselves or their family members with a significant number of readers saying they plan to use their credit card within the next six months.

In addition, the financial services company has seen a 29 percent increase in the number of cardholders receiving CareCheckup since its inaugural issue from 653,000 to more than 1.9 million readers.