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E-Newsletter Beats Industry Performance Metrics

One of the country’s largest independent mortgage lenders wanted a way to communicate with, retain and cross-sell a large group of current customers … without spending barrels of money. It knew email was proving itself as a sound marketing medium, and the company’s customer database was brimming over with email addresses. Now all it needed was a partner who could create an email program that provided customer-focused, retention-oriented content. Enter CCG.

Opening the Door to Opportunity

Once on the job, CCG created a quarterly e-newsletter dubbed FrontDoor and versioned it for two distinct audiences. Both versions feature short, high-impact stories on the company’s products and services as well as financial, home and lifestyle topics, plus a heavy dose of links that drive readers into their website. This blend keeps the mortgage lender’s brand front and center in customers’ minds, increases awareness of all the company has to offer and helps build long-term relationships.

An All-Around Success

Through the years, CCG has continued to help FrontDoor evolve and maintain its role as a vital link in the national mortgage lender’s retention and cross-sell efforts. Today, FrontDoor has higher click-through rates than are typical in the financial industry. The most recent results show a 47 percent open rate and a 7 percent click-through rate, with the most-clicked stories positioned well “below the fold,” indicating that recipients are reading the entire message.

“By all measures, FrontDoor has been an all-around great success for us,” says a spokesperson for the mortgage lender. “Our customers are pleased with the content, we have had above-average response rates and our various product registrations have increased dramatically.”