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Why is visual marketing important? Because visual content in its many forms can increase the overall effectiveness of virtually any marketing communication.

  • Influence purchase decisions
  • Improve customer engagement and response
  • Attract attention to your messages
  • Increase social sharing
  • Make instructions easier to understand
  • Get your messages across faster
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How effective is visual marketing?

What are the types of visual media?
Tried-and-True Visual Content

Traditional and commonly used visual marketing content includes photos, illustrations, graphics, infographics, video and animated GIFs. Even the way you use fonts and colors are part of your visual marketing and design.

The most engaging visual types

Percent of marketers who say these graphic types perform best.6 (Click below to see samples.)

What are the types of visual media?
Visual Content Beyond the Basics

Today, we have more options than ever for how to visually deliver marketing messages — and the list just keeps growing. Here are some of the visual marketing content methods trending now and building in both popularity and effectiveness.

Interactive and kinetic emails

Emails can now incorporate many features once restricted to web pages, allowing customers to take action without leaving your email. For instance, customers can:

  • Make purchases
  • Scratch off coupons
  • Click to view additional content
  • Click through image carousels or slide shows
  • Unroll collapsible menus
  • Play games
  • Complete and submit surveys, polls and questionnaires

Video in emails

Many email clients now allow you to embed a video that can be playedwithin your email, providing a more direct line to your message anda more efficient user experience.

Video may not play in all email readers.


Easier, faster and less expensive to create than a video, cinemagraphsup the ante on static images by introducing a snippet of movementto catch the viewer’s eye.

Animated, interactive infographics

Give your infographics attention-getting life with animation. Or increase the content you can share without sacrificing the look of the infographic by adding click-to-reveal functionality.

Animated Info Graphic.

Animated charts

Make any form of data more engaging and more palatable for customers by adding animation.

Moving Forward with Visual Marketing

There are two primary ways you can incorporate visual content into your marketing strategy:

Repurpose existing content.

Identify communications that could be enhanced by revising to take a more visual approach or incorporating visual elements.

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Develop new projects.

As you review or create your content marketing plans, include recommendations for replacing standard copy with visual content or adding visual elements.

Let’s Get Started

Whether you opt to revamp current content, start from scratch or do a little of both, CCG’s marketing consultants and visual content experts can help you create a strategy that will bring your communications to life — and lift their performance. Fill out the contact form below or call us at 303.986.3000 today for a complimentary, no-strings-attached consultation to see how we can help.

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