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Key CCG Services

A West Coast grocery chain was determined to become more customer focused as part of its long-term strategy. The chain’s IT team started off on the right foot by selecting a new CRM platform. However, the grocer soon realized that it lacked the internal resources and experience to either develop a marketing strategy or support the platform integration. Specifically, the grocery chain wanted to revamp its customer loyalty program and integrate it with the new CRM platform.

They turned to CCG for help.

One Partnership and a Two-Pronged Approach

CCG’s extensive hands-on experience with multiple CRM platforms and digital marketing automation systems made us a perfect fit. To meet the grocer’s objectives, CCG kicked things off by developing a two-part strategy.

Seeing the Plan Through

A core CCG team worked onsite with the implementation team, while additional resources were available as needed. Working alongside CCG, the grocer’s IT team, e-commerce team and technology partner developed requirements based on CCG’s recommended strategy — and worked from the blueprint through user-acceptance testing to launch the revamped program.
The program development included:

New Processes for New Technology

CCG senior staff worked closely with the grocer’s senior management team to implement new processes. This included attendance in stakeholder meetings and working directly with other departments. It also included helping the grocer define roles and hire staff to develop an internal marketing department, as well as presenting to their board of directors.
In addition, CCG’s experienced team:

  • Worked with the grocer’s call center to ensure that the data was integrated and that the program data was accessible to the representatives
  • Ensured that the required KPIs were measurable
  • Determined that reporting met the needs of the other departments, such as finance and customer service
Working Together for Success

With CCG’s guidance and expertise, the grocery chain was able to implement a customer loyalty program based on best practices and experience, despite not having the internal resources to develop or launch a program. By seamlessly stepping into the role of the grocer’s internal marketing team, CCG helped the client integrate their loyalty program with a new technology platform, train staff — and ultimately hand over the reins to the grocer to manage their own in-house system.

Key CCG Services

Strategic Customer Initiatives

Strategic CRM consulting
Loyalty program development, refinement & management
Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization™
CRM business case development
FasTrack™ program implementation
ROI measurement

Data Analytics & Research

Qualitative & quantitative customer research
Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization™

Technology Sourcing & Implementation Support

Requirements documentation
Process documentation
Functional requirements support
Implementation support
Use case support

Creative Assets

Loyalty program communications audit, planning, design & execution

Are you next?

Whether you’re ready to update your customer loyalty and rewards program, or you need a CRM platform that can keep up with the times, CCG’s retail marketing experts can help. We offer strategic direction, creative development and technology implementation support. We can even help you hire and train loyalty-specific staff. Complete the form below or call us at 303.986.3000 to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you.