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Faced with dwindling market share and declining comp store sales in the late 1980s, Macy’s needed a new way to spur profitability. Traditional customer-retention tactics like couponing and discounting were old hat, and no one knew if they were impacting the bottom line, anyway.

greater spend by President’s Club members
incremental profit per customer per year
return on investment

Macy’s needed a new approach — and they picked CCG as the strategic partner who could get the job done.

Inventing a Pioneering Rewards Program

CCG’s retail marketing experts collaborated with Macy’s to develop a loyalty program that would reward best customers. This was long before rewards programs were standard practice, and the new President’s Club broke ground as one of the first programs of its kind in the country.

From a consumer perspective, the President’s Club was a way to recognize Macy’s most valuable customers — those who spent $2,500 or more per year with the retailer. From the retailer’s perspective, CCG and Macy’s targeted a list of strategic objectives for the fledgling program to achieve.

  • Strengthen customer relationships to grow revenue and increase customer lifetime value
  • Retain Macy’s best customers
  • Recognize customer loyalty
  • Reward customer behavior with services, rather than discounts or coupon incentives
  • Communicate frequently to deliver low-key promotional messages, value-added content, recognition and soft rewards
  • Measure spending levels of test versus control groups

Bringing Macy’s Loyalty Program to Life

In defining the objectives for the program, CCG was instrumental in helping Macy’s define best customers’ interests, needs and motivations. Those insights were crucial as CCG put together a strategy to bring the President’s Club to life.

For instance, CCG determined that soft benefits should be a key component of the rewards package.

The exclusive content, delivered via a quarterly President’s Club newsletter, was a key tactic supporting the program as it reinforced President’s Club benefits and requirements. Combined with additional frequent, one-to-one communications, the content allowed Macy’s to recognize and thank their best customers — and motivate them to maintain or increase their spending levels.

The content also delivered value in the form of articles on topics of interest to members, such as home furnishing ideas, fashion news and new product announcements. That helped position Macy’s as an expert resource while allowing the retailer to promote products in a helpful, non-salesy manner.

Reveling in Rewards Program Success

Put it all together, and the President’s Club had what it took to build customer relationships and produce a sustained, measurable impact on profits. And that’s exactly what it did.

Over the years, Macy’s has continued to believe in the value of a customer rewards program. And while they’ve made changes to keep up with the times, there’s no question that today’s efforts owe a singular debt of gratitude to the one that started it all!

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