Key CCG Services

  • Consulting Services
  • CRM Strategy
  • Database Analysis
  • Customer Scoring and Segmentation
  • Purchase Gap Analysis

The mission of this company’s retail chain was to be the premier idea and solution resource for home decorating and remodeling. The stores included a wide selection of appliances and home furnishings displayed in a unique showcase setting. CCG worked with retailer to develop more profitable customer relationships through the use of detailed transactional analyses and data mining techniques. To achieve these goals a purchase gap analysis was developed to identify trends in customer behaviors, for example, those customers whose transactions indicate they are working on a significant home project or remodel.

The Purchase Gap Model helped:

  • Determine the likelihood that a customer’s first visit includes a purchase from a particular department.
  • Measure the likelihood that the next purchase includes an item from a particular category and determine time span before the next purchase.

The analysis resulted in four key indicators:

  • Probability of first trip by department
  • Probability of next purchase by department
  • Average number of days until next purchase
  • Probability of next purchase by department and days until purchase

CCG applied the findings and created a detailed marketing plan that included channel, message and frequency. For example, the analysis indicated that most customers were highly likely to make a repeat purchase within the category they most recently shopped. This indicated the need for in-store training using suggested selling guides, developing a more consultative sales approach, offering a store kiosk for project planning, creating customer checklists and instituting trigger follow-up calls.