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Key CCG Services

A national home decorating and remodeling retailer was committed to recognizing and rewarding its high value customers. To do this, the retailer had developed customer segments based on transactional data. But they were faced with a significant challenge: How could they leverage all of the information in their retail database to create an actionable CRM strategy?

That’s when the retailer called in the CRM experts at CCG. Working with the retailer, CCG developed a series of objectives to design a strategic CRM roadmap based on defined customer segments. The plan also included developing triggers to create a relevant and more engaging communications strategy.

The new CRM strategy delivered an ROI of more than


Objectives included:

  • Making the plan actionable, based on key customer behaviors
  • Identifying when a customer is beginning a project
  • Knowing when to contact a customer and how to communicate using the most relevant messaging and product offering for maximum engagement
  • Working within existing segments
  • Creating a dynamic way to communicate with customer segments
  • Working within the existing promotional plan as much as possible
  • Treating customers differently based on their value to the organization

Purchase Gap Analysis Identifies Key Customer Triggers

To help identify specific customer segments based on behavior, CCG combined predictive modeling with a purchase gap analysis. This model identified the trends in behaviors — in this case, behaviors of customers whose transactions indicated they were working on a significant home project or remodel.

Predictive Models Drive Customer Loyalty Program

CCG worked closely with the home improvement retailer to develop an actionable CRM roadmap and implementation plan. The plan included incorporating current promotions with additional communications and messaging based on specific customer triggers.

CCG’s predictive and purchase gap models helped the retailer:

Going even more in-depth, the purchase gap analysis resulted in four key indicators:

  1. Probability of first trip by department
  2. Probability of next purchase by department
  3. Average number of days until next purchase
  4. Probability of next purchase by department and days until purchase

A CRM Roadmap Heads in the Right Direction

Armed with these key indicators and updated communication pieces, the client was finally able to apply their customer data to an actionable CRM strategy.

The CCG difference can be summed up like this: The retailer had previously worked with one of the nation’s largest marketing agencies. But they couldn’t get a plan together to create and deploy a CRM program. CCG came through — providing actionable, measurable strategies that improved the retailer’s ROI by more than 400% and notched a notable increase in customer lifetime value. We call that a success story!

Key CCG Services

Strategic Customer Initiatives

Strategic CRM consulting
Account management
Cross-sell or upsell program development
ROI measurement
CRM/loyalty program support services
Program analysis and redesign

Data, Analytics & Research

Database analysis and mining
Predictive modeling, data analytics and segmentation
Customer scoring
Marketing & email performance analysis

Are you next?

Is your CRM platform out of date — and unable to keep up with your evolving customer loyalty initiatives? Do you want better tools for segmenting, targeting and reporting? CCG’s retail marketing experts can help, with data modeling & analysis, strategic direction and creative development. Complete the form below or call us at 303.986.3000 to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you.