Key CCG Services

  • Relationship Marketing Program Feasibility, Analysis and Design
  • Consulting Services
  • Program Launch and Implementation
  • Database Analysis and Target Audience Profiling
  • Contact Strategies
  • Program Management
  • Creative Services
  • Production Management
  • Communication Tools

“We’ve changed,” cried this regional department store. “This is not your grandmother’s store.” The thing of it was … no one seemed to be listening.

Indeed, they had changed. They’d given their store, their merchandise and their marketing a facelift. But sales stayed flat, revenue unchanged. We stepped in and discovered that the department store did have a loyal, older audience, but the 125-year-old retailer was doing little to foster that relationship — and even less to recruit new, younger customers.

So we set out to create a customer loyalty and retention program that would segment all customer groups to pinpoint best customers. As part of the program, we formally acknowledged those best customers with a simple thank-you note, hinting at more great things to come. Each quarter we mailed a best-customer communication filled with targeted offers, benefits and lifestyle information. And most important, we invited feedback from best customers — we wanted to know if they were finally listening.

Results: New Image, New Customers, New Profits

  • $5 million increase in spending in the first 45 days of program inception.
  • Store visits and purchase frequency increased 20 percent.
  • Average total sales per purchase rose more than 15 percent.
  • Feedback from customers reinforces the program’s value and leads to ongoing program refinement.
  • Oh, that thank-you note — it generated a 20 percent lift in sales (no offer included; just “thanks”).