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How do you gauge loyalty program success? Our Loyalty Program Effectiveness Appraisal™ makes it easy. With it, you get:

  • A clear, unbiased tool for measuring loyalty program effectiveness and performance year over year and after major program revisions
  • A way to quantify the impact of your loyalty program
  • Key metrics to answer your CEO’s most pressing questions
  • Comparisons to see how your program stacks up against others

CCG is fantastic! With their help, Classic Awards has become a Best in Class program!

Lisa LandolfiSenior Director, CRM & Loyalty, Talbots

Why should you track loyalty program performance?

You most likely spent a considerable amount of time, money and emotion creating and implementing your loyalty program. You may have had to work hard convincing certain members of your C-suite or Board that it could bring value to your organization. And eventually, they’re going to want proof that their faith in you is paying off. That makes measuring your loyalty program’s effectiveness vitally important.

CCG’s Loyalty Program Effectiveness Appraisal helps you provide the proof you seek — or the insights you need to fix a program that isn’t measuring up as you predicted.

This objective, third-party tool provides you with a customized report that answers critical questions like these:

  • How does my program’s performance compare to other retailers?
  • Are our loyalty members really engaged in our program?
  • Is the program really driving incremental spending — or are we just rewarding customers who would have shopped with us anyway?
  • What loyalty benefits are actually driving customer spend — and which ones aren’t?

How do you evaluate loyalty program effectiveness?

CCG’s Effectiveness Appraisal is based on data we’ve collected over more than three decades working with more than 75 of the top retailers in North America. It takes less than one hour of your time to provide initial input. Then, in two weeks, you’ll receive your customized report, scoring your loyalty program performance on five key metrics that reflect characteristics of an effective loyalty program.

Participation Icon

Active Participation Quotient

APQ tracks loyalty program participation, measuring your customers’ engagement in your loyalty program based on their understanding of how the program works and their level of participation. A perfect APQ is 100. The retail norm is 48.

Motivation Icon

Motivation to Spend

This metric rates your overall program and its top three benefits on the ability they have to motivate your customers to consolidate spend in your category.

Score Icon

Program Net Promoter Score

This number tracks member satisfaction and advocacy based on the likelihood of members to recommend your program.

Customer Data Icon

Customer Data View

This metric provides a way to measure the ultimate objective of most retail loyalty initiatives today: the degree to which your data collection efforts are providing a 360-degree view of your customers.

Overall Program Rating

The overall program rating benchmarks your program as Challenged, Middle of the Pack or Best in Class and also provides insights to help you improve your loyalty program performance.

Your Partner in Loyalty Program Success

Measuring loyalty program effectiveness is essential to ensuring that your program is performing optimally. Our Loyalty Program Effectiveness Appraisal is a convenient way to check on your program today and, by periodically repeating the evaluation, to ensure it keeps working into the future.

Get the insights you need to make your loyalty program a success — and convince the doubters among your C-suite and Board that they made a wise choice supporting it. Contact us today to start your appraisal!

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