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Accelerate your investment-to-value by getting your customer-centric initiatives to market quickly and efficiently.

As experts in the field of retail loyalty and customer-centric marketing, we can help your team identify priorities and roadblocks to help launch your program on time, on budget — and without last-minute surprises. CCG’s FasTrackSM plan can help you:

  • Get your program to market faster
  • Identify key metrics for long-term program success
  • Boost your retail sales revenue

As Lennon and McCartney sang, it has been a long and winding road and I can’t thank you enough for helping us navigate it.

Cliff SiffordCEO, Shoe Carnival

Why FasTrackSM your customer-centric program?

Today’s retailers are under more pressure than ever to keep up with competitors and retain current customers — all while posting a profit. Yet years of legacy systems, outdated operating models and product-focused company cultures have created silos that have slowed the shift toward more customer-centric strategic marketing initiatives. The result: frustrated customers who will turn to other brands that meet their expectations.

Here’s the key to positive change: a streamlined implementation process at the retail level. That holds true whether your objectives include a customer loyalty program, a retention strategy or another type of customer engagement program.

CCG’s FasTrack plan helps retailers accelerate their investment-to-value by ensuring that their customer-focused initiatives are implemented on time, on budget and without last-minute surprises. Flexible and able to fit in at any stage in your program, the goal of the FasTrack process is to identify the people, processes and technology needed to quickly and efficiently launch, implement or reboot your program.

When you’re able to implement your program on time and on budget, your team gets a jump start on reaping the rewards of satisfied, engaged customers and a healthier bottom line.

How does the FasTrackSM plan work?

CCG’s proven FasTrack strategic planning methodology is based on years of experience and industry best practices. Our experienced team of retail strategists start with a consultation, followed by a thorough assessment of your current state. This allows us to make objective and realistic recommendations for a new or existing program, along with a timeline and actionable steps to quickly and efficiently take your program from launch through implementation and beyond.

A key element of FasTrack is the change management component. To help your organization reach its goals, we gather your key stakeholders together to identify priorities as well as roadblocks. This approach helps tear down internal silos that impede customer experience and turns the focus toward internal operations. We examine your systems, technology, process and people — and recommend a customized roadmap to help get you where you want to be on your journey toward customer-centricity.

Our proven, agile approach encompasses the areas below as we work toward launching your program quickly and efficiently. Depending on where you are in your program, any or all of these areas may be included.


This step encompasses all departments in your organization and includes identifying impacted business processes and departments, as well as resources required to launch and implement your program. Prelaunch, we’ll lead an internal action team to develop a detailed plan. We’ll identify resource needs, gaps, constraints and obstacles — whether technical, marketing or budget related.

Steps may include:

  • Identify key stakeholders and define task force
  • Create a time and action plan
  • Develop estimated program cost and budgets
  • Perform an areas of impact study
  • Identify internal areas required to support your program launch
  • Create or update staff training materials
  • Develop reporting templates
  • Handle or assist with ongoing program management tasks
  • Identify and coordinate outreach of potential third-party partners

Technology Solution Search and Implementation

The FasTrack plan includes examining program benefits to ensure all process and technology modifications are in place to support the program. We assess current technology resources and identify technology required to support the specific program.

Steps may include:

  • Create requirements overview
  • Assist with solution search
  • Develop a list of vendors
  • Conduct demonstrations
  • Select solution
  • Assist with technology implementation

Program Solution Implementation

Program implementation and launch includes developing a timeline and a detailed roadmap for implementation. Other areas may include managing the system build-out process, supervising go-live, managing user training and support, monitoring budgets and program troubleshooting. A key element of the plan is to ensure that best practices are in place when handling customer data, from verification to hygiene. Solution implementation also includes identifying and documenting a process for measuring project success (financial goals and other expectations).

Steps may include:

  • Provide detailed roadmap for implementation
  • Identify and measure KPIs for program success
  • Perform an economic analysis
  • Conduct Financial analysis and assessment


Internal and external communication needs may include training guides and summary sheets to educate staff, as well as best practice communication guidelines for customer communications — including welcome, onboarding and ongoing communications. We’ll oversee or assist with customer communication implementation and internal communications planning, from corporate to store level to outside stakeholders.

Steps may include:

  • Create internal communications to educate staff
  • Create onboarding materials
  • Create external communications, from email, to text, collateral and signage
  • Create a promotional calendar and communication plan

Your Partner in Strategic, Effective Customer-centricity

Launching a loyalty program or other customer-centric strategy is an investment in both time and money. By implementing the FasTrack methodology with an experienced customer engagement agency, you’ll get your program or program improvements up and running fast, make more efficient use of your resources, stay ahead of the competition — and be that much closer to seeing the results of your efforts.

Contact us today for a complimentary, no-strings consultation with one of our retail marketing experts.

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