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Work with an experienced loyalty marketing agency that can help you engage and retain customers for the long term.

As experts in the field of customer relationships, our focus is on building devotion to your brand by engaging customers before, during and after every transaction. With more than four decades of knowledge and experience, our loyalty agency can help you:

  • Identify your most profitable customers
  • Optimize your program benefits mix to increase engagement and profits
  • Maximize your loyalty program through data, analytics and research to identify new acquisition, retention and cross-sell opportunities
Retail Customer Loyalty Marketing Agency Cog

Without CCG, our loyalty program would not have gotten off the ground. The detailed analyses they provided were highly instrumental in refining and improving our program. Because of CCG, our program will never be static.

Kirk Simme
Vice President of Credit, Charming Shoppes read more

Our Customer Loyalty Agency Expertise

Building and cultivating customer loyalty is an essential component of retail marketing. It’s one of the most effective ways to grow your brand and boost your bottom line. Simply put, devoted customers deliver more value: They’re more likely to spend more money with their preferred brands, shop them more frequently and recommend the brand and program to their friends.

As a customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency, we understand that a strong customer loyalty program does more than engage consumers in an effort to drive sales. An effective program builds long-term relationships by creating an emotional connection, achieved by reaching the right customers at the right touchpoints — throughout their purchase journey.

At CCG, our 40+ years of retail marketing and CRM experience allows us to provide our clients with strategic retail marketing solutions that combine tried-and-true processes with the latest technology and best practices. Our experienced consultants can provide added bench strength wherever you need retail marketing consulting expertise, from a fresh eye on program strategy, to business case development, to analytics and technology search.

Creating a Customer Loyalty Road Map

Whether you’re starting from scratch or your current customer loyalty initiatives are in need of a refresh, our strategists can help develop and implement an innovative and custom-designed program that meets your goals. We can also assess your existing program in context of the current environment and determine how to refresh and optimize it to boost performance. We’ve already achieved this — with proven success — for dozens of retail’s top CRM and loyalty programs.

To achieve customer loyalty with staying power, it’s essential to not only know who your best customers are, but also understand the factors that drive different types of shoppers to stay dedicated to specific retailers. For example, findings from our most recent proprietary research study provide groundbreaking details on the different types of consumer shopping personalities and their impact on customer loyalty.

A Strategic Approach to Data Analytics, Technical Expertise and Creative Solutions

A successful, scalable loyalty program is built around the customers that create the most value for your business. That means it’s essential to focus on your most profitable customers, and minimize time and resources spent on less profitable customers.

CCG’s loyalty program marketing agency experts leverage data and customer insights to gain a unique view into key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarks, enabling our team to objectively evaluate and monitor your loyalty program. Our unique, proven approach gives you a clear picture of how well your program is working as well as what levers need to be adjusted for optimal performance. Our proven approach includes the innovative tactics below.

CCG Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization™

Our Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization leverages a variety of advanced statistical methods to derive the best program based on optimal benefits from a customer’s perspective, as well as yours. Our proprietary models help us determine the best program offering for each of your key customer segments based on reach and financial impact — often uncovering millions of dollars of sales and profit potential.

CCG Loyalty Program Effectiveness Appraisal

Our professional appraisal provides an unbiased tool for tracking your program’s key performance metrics year over year, or after major program revisions. Plus, we can recommend ways to gather supplemental data so you can further refine your view of results.

CCG Interactive Loyalty Assessment Tool

This interactive online tool identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement in your loyalty program. The assessment takes just 5 minutes to complete and will give you valuable insights, including:

  • How your program stacks up to the competition
  • Whether or not your program is reaching its full potential by delivering all it can in terms of customer retention
  • Recommendations you can implement to help push your program to new heights

Our Loyalty Marketing Agency Services

Today’s shoppers have more choices and more shopping channels than ever before to engage with brands. CCG’s strategists, analysts and creatives work in tandem to help you build and maintain loyal, profitable long-term customer relationships. Our comprehensive suite of CRM and retail marketing program services fall under these all-encompassing categories:

  • Strategic Customer Loyalty Services 
  • Customer Data, Analytics & Research Services
  • Technology Sourcing & Implementation Support Services
  • Content & Creative Services
  • Digital & Email Services

Our Customer Loyalty Agency Resources

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Interactive Loyalty Assessment Tool

The analysis presented by CCG was crisp and clean. Based on the results, we were able to take immediate action and devise new strategies that helped boost our bottom line. With CCG’s help and analytical expertise, we have greater confidence that our email marketing communications are working.

Larry Martine
Director of Relationship Marketing, eBags read more