Work with a retail marketing agency who walks the walk and talks the talk.

We’re former retailers who now bring our clients outside expertise in CRM and loyalty marketing.

Let our experienced retail marketing group help you leverage your data to provide quantifiable, actionable results that can pass the CFO test. We help you:

  • Create customized strategies drawn from analytics research and decades of retail expertise
  • Leverage new channels to target your customers
  • Determine the optimal loyalty benefits mix for your unique customer base
  • Benchmark your loyalty program performance and develop a test plan to gain incremental lift

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help implement your customized retail marketing plans as an extension of your team or as an outsourced retail marketing agency service. Contact us for a free consultation.

“The analysis presented by CCG was crisp and clean. Based on the results, we were able to take immediate action and devise new strategies that helped boost our bottom line. With CCG’s help and analytical expertise, we have greater confidence that our email marketing communications are working”

Larry Martine Director of Relationship Marketing, eBags

Our Approach to Retail Marketing Solutions

Strategy first and a steady eye on maximum ROI. That’s the CCG approach to CRM and loyalty marketing. It allows us to identify the strategies that will work in your environment and fit your specific needs. As a strategy- and ROI-focused retail marketing agency, we don’t do cookie-cutter, and we aren’t solution sellers. We are, quite simply, dedicated to leveraging our thought leadership, retail experience and strategic expertise to help you achieve your objectives.

Strategy Development

CRM Strategy Development

CCG delivers an objective, customer-focused perspective gained from decades of developing strategies to support the upsell, cross-sell, acquisition and customer retention efforts of our Fortune 1000 clients. We are recognized thought leaders in the retail industry and offer a unique view of best practices in CRM and loyalty from dozens of retailers. Our number-one goal as a retail-focused marketing agency is to ensure you have the best strategy in place to motivate your customers and ensure they stay with you and keep spending.


We have a proven track record of creating profitable customer relationships with a mandatory emphasis on delivering maximum ROI. For instance, our proprietary, experiential models allow us to predict the incremental sales lift of individual loyalty strategies. We provide you with a highly detailed ROI pro forma that your CEO and CFO will love. For all of our CRM and loyalty strategic plans, this lets our retail marketing group strike the right balance between your program investment and your sales-and-profits return.

Technology Sourcing & Implementation


Our retail marketing agency is unique as a technology partner — not locked into any particular approach or technology solution. With our deep knowledge of CRM and loyalty technology solutions, we’re able to assist you with an objective approach to the identification, selection and implementation of technologies that support your specific requirements and facilitate your customer relationship efforts.

Retail Marketing Agency Expertise

Retail Marketing Experience

CCG has worked with more than 75 of the top retailers in North America — and counting. Whatever format, channel or product you have in mind, chances are our retail marketing group has real-world experience that we can combine with best practice to generate actionable outcomes.

Industry Challenges & Solutions

Wherever your company is on the CRM journey, and whatever you’ve defined as your destination, you’re facing specific challenges. Our team of retail customer-engagement experts can help with custom strategic solutions.

CCG Retail Marketing Agency Blog

Get the latest retail marketing trends, strategies and best practices with insights from our experts.

Retail Marketing Agency Case Studies

As a full-service, retail-focused marketing agency, we gauge our success by our clients’ success. Come judge for yourself with these examples of retail marketing challenges overcome, objectives achieved, problems solved and best practices come to life.

Retail Marketing Agency Solutions & Services

Strategic Customer Initiatives

With CCG’s retail marketing agency, you get senior strategic customer loyalty marketing consultants who understand how retail works.

Customer Data, Analytics & Research

Customer Data, Analytics & Research

CCG’s innovative data, analytics and customer-focused research provide actionable insights and identify unique opportunities to drive customer behavior.

Technology Sourcing & Implementation

Technology Sourcing & Implementation

We support our clients’ CRM and loyalty efforts with supplemental resources during solutions search and implementation.


Integrated Implementation Services

Our retail marketing group’s FasTrack process ensures a shorter time to market.

Identify the Optimal Benefits Mix

Our Statistical Loyalty Program Optimization™ provides an objective, data-based method for creating an optimal loyalty program and mix of benefits for each of your key audiences. Gain confidence in your program — and build your revenue!

“Sandra and her CCG staff presented us with their high-powered insight into customer loyalty and developed the first credit loyalty program for the Bon Ton Stores that we implemented. The new program provided meaning and value to our credit card program, and we experienced immediate results as customers' use of the credit card improved and the charge sales percent increased significantly.”

Mike IrwinVP Marketing, The Bon Ton Stores

Our Retail Marketing Agency Resources

Retail Marketing Agency Case Studies

Retail Marketing Agency Blog

Retail Marketing Agency White Papers

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