What is the approximate percentage of loyalty customer transactions out of total store transactions? (Select one)
Does your loyalty program recognize all types of tenders (cash, credit, debit, etc.) or only your proprietary credit card?
Is the number of active loyalty members who have made a purchase in the last 12 months increasing, decreasing or remaining static? (Select one)
Does your loyalty program incorporate soft benefits or non-financial benefits, such as recognition of best customers, exclusive shopping hours, value-added content, members-only experiences, etc.?
Does your loyalty program have tiers (i.e., Premier, Platinum, Gold, etc.)?
Do you recognize your best members (i.e., with special card or benefits)?
What is the approximate percentage of members who earn the primary program reward in a 12-month period?
Approximately how frequently do you provide members with their membership status (points earned, dollars spent, nearness to reward and/or tier)?
Can members access their status online?
In what percentage of your customer-facing communications do you include the program’s value proposition? (e.g., FSIs, promotional email, loyalty email, broadcast media, social media, direct mail, POS/store collateral and signage, etc.)
Can members select their preferred channel of communication?
Can members select their preferred frequency of communication?
How integrated is your loyalty program with your ecommerce efforts? (Select all that apply)
Are you using loyalty program data to make decisions in non-marketing business units — for example, Merchandising or Operations?
Are you segmenting customer communications based on the customer’s purchase history?

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