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CCG delivers content that informs, educates, engages and converts.

As an award-winning financial services content marketing agency with 45+ years of experience, we help banks, credit unions and other financial institutions realize the benefits of value-added content to:

  • Build trust in your organization
  • Encourage engagement and drive conversions
  • Nurture consumers through the buyer’s journey
  • Strengthen and deepen customer relationships
  • Improve ROI by assisting with cross-sell and upsell without promotions
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retail content marketing: inform, educate, convert, engage

I just received word from our digital team that the articles are “EXACTLY what we’re looking for. They’re purely educational, don’t promote [our bank], and they’re topics that are very relevant to people.” Yay! Thank you.

Amy C.
Vice President, Mortgage Sales Support, regional bank with Midwest and East Coast presence read more

Is value-added financial content marketing effective?

In a word, yes. Value-added content marketing for financial services delivers results. CCG’s own consumer research shows that 72% of people say they would be more likely to increase their relationship with their current financial institution if it sent them useful content on topics they’re interested in. And our clients have seen open rates rise more than 40% and click-thru rates soar 200% through the strategic use of value-added content.

But it’s not just us. Here are some compelling content marketing statistics from other sources that uphold the importance of professional content marketing:

In addition, B2C marketers say content marketing has helped them achieve many goals.

% of B2C marketers who say content marketing helps them …4

Create brand awareness


Build credibility and trust


Educate audiences


Build loyalty


Generate demand and leads


Generate sales and revenue


Support new product launch


Get more stats and facts about the value of value-added bank content marketing in this CustomerProfit blog. Read more >

What are the essential elements of value-added finance content marketing services?

While content marketing is a broad concept, making it value-added narrows the scope. At CCG, when we’re asked, “What is value-added content marketing for financial services?” we answer with these criteria:


Value-added content marketing is based on a strategy.

It’s not a one-off blog or random social posts. It’s part of a plan that factors in your institution’s objectives and complements other marketing initiatives. In fact, it’s incredibly helpful to include a cross-departmental group in your content planning.


The value-add is literal.

This type of content marketing must provide benefit to the reader. With personal finance content marketing, it may help answer questions, solve a problem and generally help people feel more confident in their financial decisions.

customer centric

Value-added content is customer-centric.

It’s not product-centric, self-serving or promotional. While you can still weave in product messaging and offers, those shouldn’t take center stage, but rather should support the benefits-oriented content.


Value-added content is relevant.

Ideally, it addresses the needs or interests of specific audience groups. This could be as broad as “homeowners” or as detailed as “middle-income single women aged 25 to 35.” Data analysis, modeling and segmentation can help you categorize customers so you can target content toward shared traits, behaviors or life stages.


The best value-added content is unique.

It’s written just for you and incorporates your brand’s voice and point of view. We often interview a company’s subject matter experts to bring in their personal insights and build credibility.

What are popular types of value-added financial content marketing?

As a finance content marketing agency, we develop value-added content for nearly any format, including:

  • Newsletters and blogs
  • Long-, medium- and short-format articles
  • Videos
  • Non-promotional emails, including trigger campaigns
  • Value-added direct mail
  • Infographics and other visual content formats
  • SMS/text messaging
  • In-app messaging
  • Podcasts
  • Social media messaging
  • Educational web pages and online resource centers
  • E-books, white papers and reports
  • Case studies and customer stories

Holy moly kudos!!! Just read all of [the tweets] and they are AWESOME!!!

Amber-Marie J.
Marketing Manager, ePrograms, national credit card issuer read more

What does a financial services content marketing agency do?

While some agencies spread themselves across a wide gamut of content marketing for a variety of industries, CCG focuses on value-added content specifically for the financial services sector. With a deep understanding of financial products and the financial buyer’s journey, we’re able to zero in on topics that resonate with customers, inform and educate them, and help them gain confidence in their financial lives.

This reflects on our clients, enhancing their reputation and positioning them as helpful experts who aren’t just in it for the next sell. But we understand that dollars matter, too. So even the most customer-centric content softly ties back to our clients’ products and services in a solutions-oriented manner.

Combined, these pieces work to help our clients acquire, grow and strengthen relationships with their customers, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Our Services & Solutions

CCG is a turnkey financial services content marketing agency, offering our clients everything from strategy to development, data analysis to deployment. We work in multiple formats and channels, including print and digital newsletters, email, social media, web pages (particularly microsites and blogs) and direct mail.

Our team has the expertise to handle the most complex of projects and communications pieces, including those that mandate geo-targeting, versioning and extensive customer personalization. For more details, see our online services and solutions page.

Here’s an overview of what makes our professional content marketing services unique.

Strategists and planners.

We take the time to understand every new client’s business, brand, objectives and customers, so that we can act as a true partner in helping them achieve their aims. We develop single-channel through omni-channel content calendars and will lead brainstorms with client stakeholders as well as develop editorial ideas.

Our proprietary Content Topic Optimization ToolTM helps clients identify personal finance topics that will best engage their audience. Click to learn more.

Senior staff.

Our employees average more than 20 years of experience in their areas of specialty. That means you’ll never work with a junior marketer still learning the ropes, but always with a senior team member.

Journalists, not ad copywriters.

Value-added content writing is a special skill, requiring expertise in research, interviewing and sharing practical information. Rather than capture three seconds of attention with a catchy headline, it must both draw people in and engage them for a longer time, while still driving action. That’s why CCG’s writers have journalism backgrounds blended with marketing expertise.


We encourage our clients to leverage data — their own, as well as credible public and third-party data — to better understand their audiences. We assist with segmentation and using data to create highly personal, relevant content, including the use of dynamic and variable content.

Test, measure, learn.

We develop and implement testing strategies and conduct quantitative and qualitative research to help our clients find new opportunities or optimize their marketing efforts. We also can assist with performance measurement to help our clients refresh and refine their content for maximum impact.

Content Case Studies

We don’t expect you to just take our word for our abilities as a bank content marketing agency. We encourage you to explore these client success stories. (You can find more on our website.)

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A newsletter revamp helped this Midwestern bank build customer loyalty and profitability.

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Relevant, dynamic content motivated inactive cardholders to take action.

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A content survey helped this bank refine content relevance and double newsletter clicks.

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Your Partner for Better Content Marketing

At CCG, we strive to give you more than you expect in every aspect of financial services content marketing: quality, innovation, efficiency, service and results. With more than 45 years of experience in creating results-driven, value-added customer communications, our team understands how to use different channels and touchpoints in concert with meaningful content and design to produce the highest rate of return and customer engagement — and help our clients meet their content marketing objectives.

Ready to improve your financial services content marketing?

If you’re ready to give your financial services content marketing new life with a value-added approach, let’s talk. Complete the form below to schedule a no-strings-attached discussion of your needs and goals — and see how CCG can help.

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