Key CCG Services

  • Relationship Marketing Strategy
  • Trigger Communications Campaign
  • Program Launch and Implementation
  • Interactive Creative Services


A large Midwestern insurance company needed help reaching out to non-captive insurance agents who had recently signed up to provide the company’s services to their clients. The company was having success getting the initial attention of these agents. The problem was that many of the agents, once registered and capable of selling the company’s policies to customers, were not following through by quoting and issuing policies. The insurance company needed to move these non-captive agents from passive affiliation to profitable action.

Objectives & Strategy

CCG and the insurance company identified both immediate and long-term goals:

  • Immediate objective – To competitively differentiate and improve the perceived relevance of the insurance company’s products among agents — and motivate them to take specific actions.
  • Long-term objective – To create lasting relationships between the agents and the insurance company.

CCG developed a relationship management (CRM) strategy designed to drive both right-now action and enduring loyalty. The essential element of the strategy was an ongoing series of e-communications developed and implemented by CCG. The campaign initiated a one-to-one dialogue with agents and reiterated that the insurance company was there to help them. The tone of the communications was strategic, as well: “We are on your team, can help you meet your customers’ needs, and can assist you in reaching and even exceeding your sales goals.”

The Campaign

The campaign was designed to be a multi-touch, trigger e-communications program. Relevant, value-add e-mail content was versioned by geographic location and personalized for each agent receiving the communications. The first communication was triggered by an agent’s registration with the insurance company or by an agent’s lack of participation in the first 90 days of being registered.

With strong calls to action, the easily digestible content in the e-mail took less than 30 seconds to scan and ultimately drove agents to the company’s program management website to encourage further, specific engagement.

The campaign consisted of three e-mails, distributed once a week for three weeks after the first behavior trigger. Content featured helpful tips for using the company’s online quoting system, shared innovative ideas for acquiring and retaining customers, explained the best ways to match types of customers with the right policies and highlighted tools for finding potential customers in a specific insurance category.

Program Results

The new agent communications program was launched in several states as part of a pilot program. At the end of three months, the new agents (Sample Group) receiving the e-mail communications far exceeded the performance results of the agents (Control Group) who did not receive the communications. In fact, the Sample Group requested double the number of quotes and policies, and brought in two times the dollar value of premiums sold, compared to the Control Group. As a result, the insurance company rolled out the CCG-developed communications program to the rest of the U.S.