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Sometimes, all of your marketing efforts are going just fine. Yet, you have a gut feeling that they could be doing a better job at engaging customers and prospects. Such was the case for a major Midwestern bank. Their email metrics weren’t necessarily bad, but they weren’t stellar, either.

The bank was sure it could boost open rates and clicks. But how?

CCG’s experience and approach to value-added content has proven to drive engagement or, in terms of email metrics — open rates and clicks. So CCG suggested a test. The bank’s current marketing email vendor with its traditional program approach, against CCG’s value-added content.

The Strategy: Addressing Customer Engagement Challenges in Finance

Your customers already know that you have financial products. So they don’t really need — or want — communications telling them that you offer loans, checking accounts and competitive interest rates. What they do want is relevant communication that includes actionable personal finance content to help address the financial questions they do have and the dilemmas they face every day.

That’s the guiding principle behind value-added content: Providing customers with information that they want and need to address their financial concerns.

In the process, customers begin to see your bank as more than the place where their checking account lives. They see your brand as a trusted resource where they can turn for assistance with multiple aspects of their financial life.

Content Drives Engagement: The Test

To test engagement metrics of the traditional method versus CCG’s recommended value-added content approach, the bank split its customer base into two groups:

  • 1. The control group received the current vendor’s traditional email marketing, as usual.
  • 2. The test group received an e-newsletter which included an email with story teasers linking to online articles. Those articles were value-added content, addressing popular personal finance topics and questions relating to how (and why) to improve credit and manage debt.

Value-Added Content: The Clear Winner

On the first head-to-head test, the email featuring CCG’s value-added content resulted in a:

Value Added Content

After the first test results, the bank’s other vendor wanted another shot. So the bank agreed to a second test, with that vendor’s value-added content against CCG’s.

This time, the CCG value-added content led to a 146% lift in unique clicks.

The bank was convinced — and continues with its newsletter approach to this day, engaging customers, building relationships and staying top of mind when customers are ready to act.

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