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Insurer's Custom Publication Leads to Healthy Member Relationships

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Most people have little or no choice when it comes to their health insurance provider. Insurance providers know that, and many choose to woo the companies that contract them, not the members they serve. But not this regional health insurance provider. They wanted to build relationships with their members — relationships that would help them keep their members healthy and informed, and turn those members into advocates of the health plan.

This regional health insurance provider was already required by the National Council of Quality Assurance (NCQA) to communicate with members. So we figured, why not turn the requirement into a relationship-building opportunity?

We started by creating three publications tailored to their distinct member audiences: senior members, new members and current members. A fourth publication produced annually encouraged member feedback. We then developed an editorial calendar for each publication that would meet NCQA guidelines, present a balanced mix of product and non-product information, and incorporate specific health plan information.

With the dry “must-have” elements in place, it was time to make the publications juicy with informative articles, timely tips and helpful advice members would look forward to receiving each quarter. To support the content, the design had to be equally engaging. We incorporated whimsical illustrations and type treatments, and created standing sections to give the publications an approachable, down-to-earth feel appropriate for the regional audience.