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Key CCG Services

In early 2021, mortgage companies across the country were reaping the benefits from a refinancing boom. In fact, many had more business than they could handle. But they were also aware that the party wouldn’t last forever. Eventually, most homeowners who could benefit from a refinance would already have done so.

In anticipation of a market cool down, many of these companies began searching for an effective way to boost purchase mortgage leads to replace their refinance business as it slowed. And more importantly, they were wondering how to stay proactive — and one step ahead of their competitors.

One of these companies, a large Midwest financial institution, wanted to find a way to identify new lead sources not tied to refinancing. Their current strategy was to rely on information from a credit bureau to capture purchase mortgage leads. But they became aware of two drawbacks to this method.


Simply put, this financial institution wanted to be able to reach more borrowers and reach them before they applied for a mortgage elsewhere.

Solution: Increase Mortgage Leads by Bringing in the Data Pros

That’s when the financial institution turned to CCG’s financial marketing experts and data analysts.

CCG was able to demonstrate a more robust source of mortgage lead generation for the financial institution by quickly identifying people who had recently entered the purchase mortgage market. By capturing more mortgage leads at this critical juncture, our client could get ahead of the competition and have an opportunity to reach consumers before they found another lender. This meant the financial institution could help potential customers, too, by minimizing an applicant’s need to shop around and avoiding the time-consuming act of submitting their paperwork all over again.

To do this, CCG leveraged its unique Purchase Mortgage Trigger Program. This proprietary method allows us to identify homes in motion based on trigger events indicating that the homeowner is preparing to leave their home.

Our Purchase Mortgage Trigger Program allows us to:

  • Develop more mortgage leads by accessing and analyzing multiple public data sources
  • Capture leads that have opted out of credit bureaus
  • Give our clients a leg up on the competition by capturing more leads earlier in the process
  • Improve client ROI with a quick and cost-effective financial marketing strategy
  • Create a mortgage lead generation opportunity for our clients to close more sales and boost their bottom line

Another benefit? The Purchase Mortgage Trigger Program is designed to both complement an existing solution, such as credit bureau data, or perform as a standalone solution.

Mortgage Lead Generation Results: Fast, Efficient, Successful

CCG provided the financial institution with a proof of concept, comparing leads obtained using the Purchase Mortgage Trigger Program versus the credit bureau leads. Here’s what happened:

of the leads identified by the
credit bureau were also identified by CCG.
more leads were identified by CCG’s method.

In short, using the Purchase Mortgage Trigger Program let this bank play the early bird — and get set for success.

Key CCG Services

Strategic Customer Initiatives

Traffic-building program development
Retention program development
Cross-sell or upsell program development
CRM business case development

Data, Analytics & Research

Database analysis & mining
Mortgage refinance & purchase targeting
Segmentation & cluster analysis
Estimated home value data
Pre-mover data
Demographic data

Technology Sourcing & Implementation Support

Process documentation
Implementation support
Use case support

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