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In 2019, financial institutions of all sizes were facing an upheaval. A new accounting requirement called CECL was set to be implemented in the near future, and financial institutions across the country would be required to transition their current systems and calculations to accommodate the new method. It promised to be a complex, time-consuming and stressful task.

In response, PCBB — a nationwide bankers’ bank — developed a technology solution to help companies make the switch.

The catch: They weren’t the only ones providing a potential solution — and they wanted to beat the competition to C-suite doors.

How do you get gatekeepers to open the door?

PCBB believed that getting C-suite executives to participate in a demonstration of their product would be critical to winning their business. They knew that, once execs saw the demo, they’d be hooked. But PCBB also knew that, to grab execs’ attention, the direct mail would have to get past gatekeepers trained to block any potential junk mail from reaching their bosses.

So, PCBB enlisted CCG’s help to develop a creative, engaging direct mail piece that could convert opens into scheduled demos.

Create a package they can’t ignore.

The CCG team knew we needed something more than a #10 mailer to get the job done. We needed to develop a concept and design a package that hit two essential must-haves.

  • (1) Professional, with messaging that appealed to the executives’ very real need to address the CECL challenge
  • (2) Eye-catching enough to break through mailroom clutter and intrigue both gatekeepers and executives by presenting a unique concept and showcasing obvious value

Then add a little something tasty for the team.

To meet the objectives, CCG concepted numerous ideas before zeroing in on the notion of helping prospects relieve the CECL stress by taking a lunch break on PCBB. This offer would take the form of a $75 Panera Bread gift card, sent once the prospect completed a demonstration of the product.

We made sure that the lunch pitch was worded to include the whole team, since the CECL transition was sure to be a team effort for PCBB’s customers.

PCBB Sandwich Example
3D lunchbox design supported the “free lunch” concept
Exterior and interior box copy explained the technology solution and reinforced the stress-relief message
Insert highlighted an online dashboard that was a key component of the tech solution
Invitation encouraged executives to schedule a demo
A sandwich-shaped stress ball added bit of fun and a tangible stress-relief solution

The lunchbox package was an unexpected item to appear in a bank executive’s mailbox. And, by providing multiple engagement points, it offered numerous ways to capture the recipient’s attention and share key messages. We also included contact information on four elements of the package to ensure the executives wouldn’t lose this key detail.

Next, fill up the campaign.

Along with designing the direct mail package, CCG created the 4-leaf logo and 7 Methods icon that would become standard elements in additional campaign components. Those components, which CCG also worked on, included an email version of the product introduction, a follow-up direct mail letter and email fulfillment of the gift cards.

CCG also played an integral role in developing the tech solution’s official name: CECL Financial Insights & Technology solution — or CECL FIT®.

Wrap it up with success.

The CECL project presented interesting challenges — from finding the just-right outer packaging for mailing the lunchbox, to staying within the client’s budget without sacrificing key pieces or detracting from the impact.

In the end, PCBB found it to be a unique piece that served its purpose, opening doors and generating solid leads. Our client said that package recipients called the campaign “daring and bold, humorous and very memorable,” recalling it even a month or more later.

The campaign even went on to win Gold in the 2019 MarCom Awards competition.

No two ways to slice it — this one was a winner!

The follow-up: Being remembered pays off in the long run.

Months after the direct mail campaign deployed, the industry-required CECL transition was pushed out to 2023 — and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That left many leads on hold in PCBB’s pipeline. Yet the client believes these leads remain valid and are likely to progress toward conversion in the near future due to the lasting impact of the campaign’s design.

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