Key CCG Services

  • Database Analysis and Target Audience Profiling
  • Data Appending, Customer Segmentation
  • Database Mining
  • Creative Services
  • Production Management
  • Measurement and Refinement


A Midwest financial services company and one of the area’s largest money managers, wanted to grow profitable outstandings in its home equity portfolio.


  • Increase outstandings on accounts with a $0 balance
  • Increase balances on accounts that are less than 95 percent utilized
  • Increase usage of accounts
  • Increase line amounts for 95 percent utilized accounts


CCG reviewed the existing segmentation scheme and recognized an opportunity for the Midwest bank to better understand and segment its customers. The bank could then leverage that knowledge to develop more effective offers and communications that would drive usage and balance increases. CCG found that:

  • Some customers were profitable without incentives. Customers whose accounts were 30 percent utilized, but who continued to increase their balances, were being sent offers — an unnecessary incentive, since these customers were already doing what the bank wanted.
  • The bank was leaving potential profits on the table. No mailings were being sent to customers with balances 95 percent or more utilized, yet CCG’s experience has shown that marketing to this group can yield profits.
  • Triggers were being ignored. If a balance decreased every month, but the customer was still in the 50 – 95 percent segment, the bank was offering no incentive to stabilize or reverse the balance payoff.
  • The data did not drive the offer or the message. Yet the data revealed that there were better ways to target, invent and speak to each segment for improved results.


CCG applied its proprietary Momentum Segmentation to the bank’s home equity portfolio, which included credit bureau data, demographic information and transactional detail. CCG then developed offer and messaging tactics for each segment based on the results.

For instance, for the 95 percent+ Utilized segment, CCG recommended:

  • Quarterly direct mail leveraging each customer’s current home value data
  • A customer service phone call if another company pulled the customer’s credit data
  • Quarterly or triggered outbound call to encourage the customer to draw on their line
  • No incentive


CCG’s Momentum Segmentation approach performed significantly better in a head-to-head test against the bank’s traditional approach, generating a $9 profit increase per customer mailed while allowing the bank to decrease mail volume by 11 percent.