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One of the nation’s premier financial services companies, and a major provider of private label credit cards, wanted to promote a new online payment feature. “Pay Without Log In” (PWOLI) allows cardholders to securely access online account management without having to remember one more user name and password. With the company’s 15 million cardholders making nearly 5 million payments per month, the new solution stood to have a significant impact for both users and the company.

But the company faced several challenges:

  • PWOLI is simple to use, but complex to set up, particularly for people not already registered for online account management. Yet it needed to be promoted in an enticing, user-friendly way that encouraged cardholders to activate and use the solution.
  • PWOLI’s launch date was locked in, meaning all components of the promotional campaign needed to be developed in an efficient, time-sensitive manner.
  • Yet, PWOLI itself was still in development, meaning the creative team would need to be flexible and able to adjust materials on-the-fly — without missing deadlines.

Success Highlights

Email open rate
average minutes on landing page
video views during first month
AVA Digital Awards Gold Winner

When in Doubt, Go with a Partner You Know

The financial services company was a long-time CCG client. So they knew they could count on us to handle the complexity of the campaign, with all its moving pieces and evolving details, while meeting every key deadline along the way.

Working closely with the client’s product and brand teams to launch the project and sign-off on components, CCG developed an integrated product launch campaign for the new feature that included:

  • Video (Vimeo stream)
  • Cardholder emails (two versions)
  • Landing page
  • How-to guides and FAQ document
  • Statement insert
  • Social media messaging
  • Internal email

When the Scope Grows, Keep Breathing

As work progressed, the client’s needs continued to expand. Yet that all-important launch date — and the attendant deadlines — didn’t move. The CCG team took a few deep breaths and carried on.

  • Late in the game, the client’s in-house web team realized they couldn’t develop the landing page in time or host it. CCG took over.
  • The internal email and social media messaging components were added well after the initial scope of work was established.
  • While CCG was already providing analytics for the campaign, the client later asked us to create dashboard reports that the client could use for daily staff briefings. (The client later noted that the analytics CCG provided surpassed what the in-house team could have done.)


The Pay Without Log In campaign launched successfully and on time. Results exceeded expectations. Consumer engagement was predictably high at the launch, but remained high three months later — and counting. New cardholders continue to visit the landing page and access the guides and FAQs housed there.

  • Email open rate exceeded 34%
  • 246,000+ unique views of the landing page after three months
  • 3:58 minutes time-on-page — annihilating the anticipated 1:40
  • 12% of landing page visitors watched the video
  • Within the first week of the video going live, it had 26,986 views; after one month, it had 38,395 views
  • On average, visitors watched 64% of the video, taking them through the complete product description
  • 20% of cardholders had enabled the product within three months of campaign launch

Apparently the AVA Digital Awards judges agreed that the project was a success. The PWOLI campaign was named a 2018 Gold Winner in their international creative-excellence competition.

The client was extremely pleased with the campaign, and the CCG team received many kudos from the client, his team and the company CMO, including this one:

“The grapevine is humming this morning, and it appears that [the CMO] LOVES everything we are doing.”  The CMO herself later added, during a large staff meeting, “This is how an integrated campaign should work.”

A successful launch. Happy clients. Industry accolades. Now that’s what we call a shining success!