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A financial services executive approached CCG about one of her clients: an online-only retailer with 10 million products and nearly three billion in sales. The retailer had 25 million registered users, had dabbled in email marketing, and was now ready to move forward with a consistent approach. Specifically, the retailer wanted a streamlined, more efficient approach allowing it to announce new products or sales events via email.

Here’s the catch: The retailer wanted an agency to provide quick turnaround on a lean budget. In addition, the agency had to have experience with the company’s email deployment platform — and be able to offer fresh creative ideas.

The executive knew this client presented a huge opportunity, and she wanted to ensure the job was not only done fast, but done well. There was no room for error. That’s when she called on CCG.

Success Highlights Box | 47% average open rate | 8% click through rate | Hundreds of thousands generated in new sales

Strong Track Record Leads to More Opportunity

Based on CCG’s past experience creating and deploying successful email campaigns for the financial services executive, we were tasked with the following three objectives for the work:

Build an email template with staying power — one that could be used again and again while remaining fresh and relevant.
Utilize a simple, clean design.

Best Practice Strategies Key to Implementation

CCG’s established process ensured that the email was based on industry best practices, and our zero-error policy ensured the project would go smoothly. We leveraged our long-standing customer-centric approach to financial marketing and our history of proven financial marketing strategies to incorporate a perfect balance of current digital trends and email best practices.

These strategies included:

End Result: Flawless Execution + Higher Opens, Clicks and Revenue

Using best practices that included responsive design, simple clean layouts enabling flexible image and copy swaps, as well as an agile approach, CCG was able to work with the retailer to build a solution that fit its needs, creating a quality product within a specified budget.
To enhance tracking capabilities, CCG created unique URLs that allowed the retailer to quickly and efficiently determine how well each email performed. In all, 23 unique emails were sent to the retailer’s registered users in 2016. The emails not only resulted in higher numbers than the retailer had ever seen before, but also surpassed industry averages.
Overall, the email open rates topped 47 percent, nearly twice the industry average. Click-thru rates were nearly triple industry averages at 8 percent. Additionally, the emails generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new sales. Based on these results, CCG was asked to create additional emails for the online retailer throughout 2017. Mission accomplished.