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A national financial services company, which resells its products through third parties to consumers, had developed an email trigger program targeted at consumers. By early 2014, they had 20 accounts on the trigger program and a goal to grow the program by adding two to four new clients each month. That’s where they hit two snags:

  1. The program wasn’t scalable, due to a manual process and lack of internal resources.
  2. The creative and performance metrics weren’t convincing enough to win new accounts.
Success Highlights: Email open rate outperforms industry standards | Click-thru rates more than doubled | Program successfully expands | Email distribution list triples

CCG to the Rescue

The financial services company reached out to us based on our capabilities and experience managing similar programs on industry-leading email deployment systems. To improve their email trigger process and set them up for future growth and success, we immediately took over the daily management of the program and got to work addressing two key objectives.

A New and Improved Process

CCG and the financial service company’s marketing team collaborated to prepare for the automation. The scope of our work included loading the HTML files, linking the data, performing tests — and, finally, scheduling campaign deployments for each client.

And a Creative Makeover

CCG also performed an audit of the existing creative assets, from layout to design to content. Using our experience and knowledge of best practices, we proposed recommendations to specifically improve email performance rates — a crucial step in helping the company sell the trigger campaign to more of its clients. The company agreed with our recommendations and gave the CCG creative team a green light to move forward.

CCG’s creative team built 11 trigger touchpoints for more than 35 clients that fell into one of three groups: custom, semi-custom and generic, based on the level of creative customization. Campaign templates were either built or refreshed for each group to reflect a consistent look and feel across all communication pieces.

CCG Built 11 trigger touchpoints | 35 clients fell into 3 groups
We incorporated new creative elements to improve email performance, including:
  • Refreshed copy points and stronger calls to action.
  • Design changes that allowed flexibility to change a banner or image without impacting other areas of the template.
  • The option to customize for specific clients — or use as a generic piece. For instance, using neutral colors, graphic elements and stock images.
  • More personalization options, including variable fields for logos, and client and customer names.
The Big Payoff

Not only did email open rates consistently outperform industry standards, but the click-thru rates also more than doubled. With increased efficiency from the new automated process, along with a lift in email performance from the new creative, the financial services company was able to successfully expand the program to other strategic account groups — tripling the email distribution list for this email trigger campaign.

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