It can be a double-edged sword for businesses: Check-related risks such as fraud and insufficient funds force merchants to consider ending personal check acceptance. Yet doing so can alienate customers. A southeast bank found a solution to the conundrum with its remote check deposit service, which allows merchants to accept paper checks and turn them into electronic transactions at the point of sale.

A smart idea — but the bank needed a way to get the word out to its business customers. And they needed to convince these merchants that the advantages of the service were well worth its cost and the learning curve required to implement the system. The bank hired CCG to help get merchants excited about remote check deposit — and get them on the phone scheduling appointments.

To showcase remote check deposit’s benefits and features, CCG created a to-the-point educational brochure with a dynamic feel. And, since our research showed that this audience was influenced by seeing how their peers had benefited from a specific product, we included testimonials from actual users.

It worked: As a lead generator, the mailing doubled the bank’s expectations.