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Regional Bank Shows Softer Side to Enhance Brand Identity

Key CCG Services

  • Relationship Marketing Program Analysis and Design
  • Consulting Services
  • Program Launch and Implementation
  • Database Mining
  • Contact Strategies
  • Program Management
  • Creative Services
  • Production Management
  • Communications Tools
  • Measurement and Refinement

A regional bank wanted to lose its buttoned-down corporate image and deflect the negative press caused by a recent acquisition and widespread expansion. Check.

They wanted to be seen as a bank with a softer side, to connect with customers on a personal level and more effectively serve customers’ needs. Check.

In addition, the regional bank wanted to introduce new and useful products, programs and services while keeping costs under control and increasing return on investment. Double check.

There it was — every marketer’s dream. A chance to turn a corporate ivory tower into the bank down the street (in the customer’s mind, that is).

We set about creating a communications program whose look would warm up the bank’s reserved brand identity. We used regionally specific information to reinforce their involvement in the community (and improve their image). We carefully segmented the audience in order to present products, services and educational articles targeted to the customers’ specific needs (and increase cross-sell ratios). We gently reminded customers of the many benefits of being a customer (to build loyalty based on benefits not rates). And we were able to save the bank substantial budget dollars by statement-inserting the communications piece (increasing the return on investment).

Stodgy Image: Shattered.

Indifferent Customers: Swayed

  • 70 percent of their customers found the information in the communications useful.
  • 30 percent requested additional information they read about in the communications.
  • 7 percent of recipients applied for a loan after reading the communications.
  • 9 percent opened additional deposit accounts.