See real-life examples of how CCG has helped our financial services clients succeed with their marketing initiatives to acquire, retain and increase the profitability of customer relationships.

TruStone Case Study

Purchase Mortgage Trigger Program More Than Triples Mortgage Leads

Employees Sitting in a Meeting

PCBB Grabs B2B Leads with CECL Solution

Data + Personalization Drive HELOC Strategy

Email Best Practices Yield Higher Open Rates, Profits

Email Boosts Engagement

Client Sees Lift in Email Performance, Customers

Direct Mail + B2B = A Winning Formula

Woman at Mail Box looking for direct mailer

Direct Mail Case Study: Checking Acquisition Results Increase 25%

Integrated Marketing Campaign Exceeds Expectations for New Product Launch

Regional Health Insurance Provider: Required Reading

Content Survey Refines Relevance, Doubles Clicks

Professionals Posing for Photo

Using Newsletters to Build Customer Loyalty and Profitability

Data + Creativity Boost ROI for Merchant-Funded Rewards Program

Segmentation and Customization Trump One-Size-Fits-All Offers

E-News Gets the Clicks, Keeps the Customers

Moving Inactive Cardholders to Active Ambassadors

Conservative Bankers Show Their Softer Side

Taking Engagement to New Heights

Trigger Communications Help Sell More Policies

Maximize Your Home Equity Portfolio