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June 19, 2017, in CCG Financial Marketing Blog

Want to improve your email metrics?

Your customers’ inboxes are overflowing with emails. So how can you make sure that your messages stand out and are opened, read and clicked? These tested tips and tricks will help you improve email open rates, click-thrus and profits.

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May 30, 2017, in CCG Financial Marketing Blog

Increase Your Loan Marketing Lists with Alternative Credit Risk Scoring

If you use credit bureau scores to prequalify candidates for your mailing lists, you could be losing 15 percent of your audience. Changing to a custom credit risk score can help rebuild your customer and prospect list, and more.

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April 27, 2017, in CCG Financial Marketing Blog

Content Targeting Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement and Profits

Learn how to deliver the right financial marketing content to the right audience. Creating and delivering the right message for the right audience can be a time-consuming and costly undertaking, not to mention somewhat of a guessing game. What resonates with one segment might be meaningless to another. But determining…

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Financial Marketing Case Studies

Content Survey Insights Refine Content Relevance — and Double the Clicks

Email Boosts Engagement

Financial services client sees lift in email performance, customers.

Direct Mail Delivers Triple-Digit Increase

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