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Choosing the right personal finance topics is essential for stronger customer engagement with your brand. Our financial Content Topic Optimization ToolTM brings you:

  • An objective, data-based view of the personal finance topics your customers care about
  • Recommendations for relevant, actionable personal finance content for each of your audience segments
  • A focus on operational efficiency and ROI for your content selection process

Value-add content is an important component of our overall strategy, and CCG’s partnership has been key. We consider them an extension of our team.

Jennifer D.AVP, Marketing Manager, $20 billion asset bank

Content Topic Optimization: Why the Right Personal Finance Topics Matter

Content Optimization

Most financial institutions use some form of value-added content as part of their overall customer marketing strategy, whether it’s an email newsletter, direct mail, a blog or a resource library on a bank website.

No wonder: Numerous statistics show that content marketing increases engagement by helping consumers make important decisions, building trust and keeping brands top of mind. Delivering the right personal finance content topics to the right audience segments can:

  • Increase the odds of a customer reading and responding to your content
  • Allow you to softly introduce products and services
  • Let your financial institution deliver a more personalized customer experience
  • Help your brand stand out from the competition

More specifically, when you know exactly which personal finance content topics your customers care about — and you share that content with them — your audience is nearly 40% more likely to open your messages, according to our new and exclusive custom research, based on a nationwide survey.

Research Confirms Link Between Relevant Content and Customer Engagement

That exclusive research examined consumer thoughts on a wide range of personal finance topics, from basic money management to home purchasing, credit history to retirement and more. We wanted to see which topics held the most appeal for different audiences. And we wanted to learn what impact relevant personal finance content topics might have on a customer’s willingness to open, read and respond to communications — as well as how receiving the content might impact their relationship with their bank.

Here’s what we found

Clearly, there is opportunity if you send the right type of financial content to your customers. But just as clearly, if you send content on the wrong topics, you not only risk losing important engagement opportunities with your unique audience segments, but also risk wasting money and resources on content that gets ignored.

So, how can you be confident that you’re hitting the mark with your content topic selections?
To help financial institutions answer that critical question and determine the most relevant content for their specific audiences and customer segments, CCG developed the Content Topic Optimization Tool.

What is the Content Topic Optimization Tool and how does it work?

CCG’s Content Topic Optimization Tool is a proprietary solution that uses a series of models to determine the potential reach you could achieve with various types of personal finance topics and audience segments.

The Content Topic Optimization Tool uses an objective, data-based viewpoint focused on operational efficiency and increased ROI. From this base, the tool looks at topic preferences for audience segments based on a multitude of factors, such as geographic region, household income, education level and other demographics.

The ultimate goal of the Content Topic Optimization Tool is to help our financial services clients build long-term relationships with their customers. We do this by helping our clients identify the content topics most likely to engage customers and drive them to take desired actions — without a hard-sell approach.

Content Topic Optimization Tool: Content Analysis and Recommendations

When all of the analysis is complete, the Content Topic Optimization Tool recommends the optimal personal finance content topic mix for each of your key audiences.

When you know for sure which content topics your customers want — and you deliver that relevant content to your unique audiences — you’re better able to position your bank as a trusted, helpful resource. And that helps customers view your bank favorably and stay engaged with your brand as they move through the different stages of the buying process with your financial institution.

Content Topic Optimization: The Benefits and Financial Impact

We understand that your content marketing program has a monetary impact on your organization. The goal of creating relevant content is to increase engagement that drives action and, ultimately, grows revenue. With its customer-centric approach, the Content Topic Optimization Tool provides financial institutions with fact-based results, letting you focus on operational efficiency and ROI.

Bringing Confidence to Your Financial Content Marketing

With CCG’s Content Topic Optimization Tool, you can be confident that you’re choosing the right personal finance content topics — the ones your customers actually care about and find useful and relevant to their lives. That means you’ll be on the right track to increase customer engagement with your brand, products and services — and to build long-lasting relationships every step of the way.

To learn more about CCG’s Content Topic Optimization Tool and for a free demo or consultation to see how our customized tool can help your organization, fill out the contact form below or call us at 303.986.3000.

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