Customer-centric Solutions That Deliver Results

Helping financial services clients develop and maintain long-term, profitable relationships with customers is our singular focus. With nearly 40 years of experience in the financial services sector, we’ve become experts at developing actionable, knowledge-driven customer marketing initiatives — that boost bottom lines and bring value to our clients.

Financial Marketing Experts

Financial Marketing Experience

We’ve worked with top financial institutions across the United States with multiple products and objectives. Our financial services marketing experts have a pulse on the latest industry trends and best practices to help you maximize your customer relationships and improve your ROI.

Industry Challenges & Solutions

Financial services companies have their own unique set of challenges and objectives. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting your feet wet with financial services marketing initiatives, our team of experts can provide custom solutions to help you grow and retain your customer base.

CCG Financial Marketing Blog

Get the latest financial marketing trends, best practices, tools and strategies with insights from our experts.

Financial Marketing Case Studies

We succeed when our clients build better relationships with their customers. See for yourself how we’ve helped our clients overcome challenges, solve problems and achieve their objectives.

Our Approach to Financial Marketing

As a financial services marketing agency, we leverage years of experience and industry best practices to develop the best solution for your needs.

Deep knowledge of the consumer buying process, combined with an understanding of financial products and services, allows us to develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions that deliver results. We recognize that trust is an important issue in the financial services sector, and understand that acquiring and retaining customers is dependent on presenting clear, honest and useful information — at every lifecycle and buying stage. From supplying value-added content to recommending a product, our custom-tailored solutions help position you as a valuable resource to your customers.

Digging into the data to identify customer behaviors is an important part of our approach at CCG. Our analytics team has the tools to identify your most profitable customers, uncover opportunities and find actionable insights to help you engage customers and increase profits.

By leveraging our thought leadership and expertise, we create custom financial marketing solutions that maximize long-term profitable relationships, achieve your objectives and increase ROI.

Financial Marketing Capabilities & Services

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We develop actionable, knowledge-driven customer marketing solutions that attract, retain and grow profitable relationships.

Customer Data, Analytics & Research

We’ll give you better insights into your customers and provide actionable solutions to increase your ROI.

Targeted Multi-Channel Communications

Digital & Interactive

From coding and responsive design to data lists and deployment, our team has experience with multiple platforms to deliver effective campaigns that increase engagement and retention.

Content & Creative Services

CCG’s creative team of designers and writers complements your brand and delivers a relevant message that inspires your customers to take action.

CCG’s Financial Marketing Team

Our cross-functional team consists of experts who live and breathe financial products and customer segments. From data analytics, strategy and CRM implementation, to creative services, production and program management, our staff boasts a collective experience of more than 50 years. We get the Mass Affluent Segment versus High Net Worth. We understand financial services data, compliance and security requirements. And our writers are seasoned journalists who keep readers engaged with clear, useful information that inspires action.

Financial Marketing Resources

Case Studies

CCG Financial Marketing Blog

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