Connect the Bricks and the Clicks to Drive Customer Engagement

By August 11, 2016 December 13th, 2017 CCG Retail Marketing Blog

Customer Profit: Six ways to link your online and offline customer experience

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Deliver a consistent experience to boost loyalty and sales.

Are your online and offline marketing efforts supporting each other to deliver a seamless customer experience? In our increasingly multi-channel world, customers expect to be able to shop 24/7 and engage with your brand whenever, wherever and however they wish. By leveraging your data and integrating the bricks and the clicks, you’ll create a customer journey that drives engagement, loyalty and sales.

Here are six ways you can connect your customers’ offline and online experiences to boost engagement and retention.

    1. Create a mobile app or mobile optimize your website.

Make it easy for customers on-the-go to find information about in-store and online products, offers, unique content and reviews. Send triggered push notifications and in-app messages based on a customer action — or re-engage post-purchase by sending an offer for additional products that compliment what they just bought.

    1. Use social media to drive conversions to both online and offline stores.

Share content on your social media channels that addresses products and events at both your physical and online locations. Be sure to mention any upcoming promotions to increase awareness of the different opportunities to save.

    1. Use email sign-ups in physical stores to set up lead generation opportunities.

Give customers the option of having their receipt emailed to them instead of printed. Not only does it save paper and offer the customer a convenient option, it lets you capture more email addresses. You can then target customers with relevant messaging based on their profile and behavior.

    1. Educate staff so they’re familiar with both channel experiences.

Retail associates should be familiar with your store’s online experience and be able to direct customers to related products and services on your website — and vice versa. Training staff on both sides of the business gives customers a more consistent, seamless shopping experience. And make sure that employees are incentivized to fulfill cross-channel orders.

    1. Digitize the in-store experience.

Consider adding self-service kiosks or tablets so that customers can quickly find out if another size or color is available, read product reviews and even shop online in the physical store. Encourage them to scan their loyalty cards when they walk in the door so that staff can view their past history and make recommendations.

    1. Use your website to promote physical store locations and events.

In addition, offer customers a coupon for an in-store purchase, let them browse store-specific inventory online, and give them the option to buy online and pick up in store. And vice versa — direct offline traffic to online channels by including social media handles and online coupon codes in physical store signage and communications.

When you connect your bricks and clicks like this to create a seamless, consistent customer experience, you’ll not only elevate your brand — but you’ll boost loyalty and revenue, as well.

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