You Big Picture Is Our Big Thrill


Putting a face on your customers leaves our customer-data analysts … well, downright satisfied. And pinpointing the strategies with the most ROI potential for your company? It’s what makes our senior consultants get out of bed in the morning. Strategic stepping stones like these put CCG’s finest in their element, because they prove why CCG is all about customer loyalty: Plain and simple, loyalty builds profits. And we’ll bet that’s just the kind of thrill you’re seeking.

Strategic CRM Consulting

CCG’s senior strategic customer loyalty marketing consultants have one aim: To exceed your expectations while staying strictly within your financial and time constraints. With 60 combined years of experience and a non-stop drive to continue learning and improving, they love nothing better than finding progressive relationship and direct marketing solutions, based on tried-and-true strategies, that address your company’s particular challenges, opportunities and desires. So you walk away with actionable, custom-designed plans that are ready to start working to improve customer loyalty and retention for you today.

When delivering actionable strategy, scalable technology, profitable programs or innovative creative, CCG brings thought leadership across many industries and companies. As a foundation for all of our marketing solutions, we offer:

  • Customer loyalty and relationship marketing strategy
  • Customer loyalty and relationship marketing program definition and evaluation
  • Business and CRM case development
  • Database marketing audits

CRM Program Development

Your company is not the same as everyone else’s. Neither should your customer relationship marketing program be. That’s why CCG’s senior strategic CRM consultants take the time to research your organization in depth, including analyzing your customer base and customer-centric strategies, and examining your marketplace.

With this essential background, we develop a highly detailed, personalized plan whose sole focus is delivering measurable, sustainable results. Just as important, your plan includes every step on the path to developing a profitable relationship and/or direct marketing program. From creation to implementation, measurement and refinement, all the pieces are in the package, ready for you to use right now.

ROI Measurement

How well did your customer relationship program perform? Did you reach your ROI goals? You’ll never know if you don’t measure. CCG will monitor and measure against pre-determined monthly objectives in the areas that matter to you, such as participation or enrollment levels; recency, frequency, monetary qualification rates; and share of wallet.

Our expertise and experience also allow us to develop control group methodologies that ensure statistically valid measurements of the impact of program benefits and investment on customer behavior.

Once we’ve gathered all the data, we’ll help you understand what it means and how you can use it to adjust and refine your customer retention and marketing programs to keep meeting your goals — even when those goals climb higher every year.

Program Refinement

Customer relationship marketing is not a static entity. To keep it working and keep results building, you have to keep your CRM efforts fresh, dynamic, innovative and up to date. You have to respond to measurement data, opportunities and challenges in the marketplace, not to mention greater demands from the powers that be. We’ll help you understand how all these factors, independently or together, influence your existing CRM initiatives — and how you can use these changes to refine your efforts so you continue to see results, including improved customer loyalty and retention.

Our strategic experts can also show you where your current programs are falling down on the job, then advise you on the most effective methods for revving them into action again.

In short, we’ll help you roll with the times and patch the problem spots, adjusting and refining your CRM program so it continues to meet your company’s goals today, tomorrow, next year and on into the future.

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